1Why do I need to fill out the information requested?
We always keep your personal information safe. We will ask for your information in exchange for a valuable resource in order to (a) improve your browsing experience by personalising the website to your needs; (b) send information to you that we think may be of interest to you by email or other means; (c) send you marketing communications that we think may be of value to you. You can read more about our privacy policy here.
2What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is an umbrella term that’s usually used to describe online marketing tactics that exist to digitally connect a company with its audience. From your website itself to your online branding assets, digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures and beyond, these are all digital marketing tactics and assets that can exist independently of one another.
3What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimisation?
SEO is an acronym which stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting ranked (SERPs) in search engines such as Google and Bing to receive traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. The search engine will display links to web pages it considers relevant and authoritative. For example, a keyword that ranks in the first position on Google is said to be highly optimised for SEO. Adding relevant keyword and phrases on the website, site architecture, on page elements, editing meta tags, image tags, and optimising other components of your website to ensure that it is accessible to a search engine and improve the overall chances that the website will be indexed by search engines.
4What is website optimisation?
Website optimisation is a technical process of refinement so that your website performance improves (Website Speed Optimisation), the usability and availability are considered and ultimately a stable environment in which visitors and search engine bots have a better experience. In return for this hard work, your website will rank as a way of reward by search engines. This is because the website will produce better websites statistics and conversions ultimately. Also, you must ensure that all assets of web pages for the whole website have undergone compression and minification including the source code (HTML, Javascript, CSS), pictures, videos, framework, query strings, redirections, bad requests, bugs, errors and more.
5Why should I care about analytics?
If you don’t pay attention to the analytical data produced and captured in your online marketing efforts, most likely you will fail to understand if your target audience is responding and if so why. Analytics is an instrumental component in the success of your business brand however, you shouldn't get overwhelmed with all the data. That's where Axiom Online comes in. We will help to just pick out what KPI's you truly care about, and what will get you immediate results. Analytical data helps to increase traffic, increase conversion goals, sales, understand why people are leaving your website without action and if your spending too much or too little money etc.
6Can you help us create a digital content strategy?
Yes, Axiom Online can help your business with online marketing and content strategy to build awareness and engagement within your target markets. Your probably familiar with the saying ‘content is king’, and it's true. With the rise of social media platforms, mobile apps and websites, content marketing now has an even larger reach and is more crucial than ever. Without it, you are missing out on opportunities that your competitors are seizing. Content also includes images and multimedia assets. It's important to state that content alone does nothing unless entwined with a website, SEO, PPC and social media strategy.
7Can we help promote your brand on social media?
Having a sound social media strategy in place is extremely important. We help you by prioritising great content which is valuable and shareable by your audience and we also leverage the power of existing social media influencers, therefore your brand building social campaigns efforts pay off in the long-run. We monitor 100+ social media sites including the obvious ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn. Find out more on how we can help you save a ton of time, effort and money, whilst producing quality business leads and improving customer satisfaction.
8How do we convert website visitors into leads?
To help you convert website visitors into leads Axiom Online will audit your requirements, modify your current setup or implement from new or whatever is requested to develop awareness through your brand. Put goals in place to make your business a reputable industry leader thus enabling transparency and trust for your visitors. We increase organic search engine results i.e increase your rank in Google, Bing and other major search engines to bring targeted and relevant traffic. Then we take a look at the data and do all over again with improvements and refinements to capitalise on opportunities.
9Optimising for mobile devices
To optimise for mobile means ensuring visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an experience optimised for the device. Year on year mobile and tablet users are increasing and so it's very important that your website is responsive. Not only that, we must look to ensure that the website assets have been resized, content restructured, the page loads quickly, optimised for local search and more.
10What's a blog and what are the key components of a good blog post?
A compelling title - A blog post’s title is the first thing people will see, so it should clearly indicate what the article is about. Clarity and specificity attract readers and prompt them to share the post with their networks. • Well-written and formatted text - The body of your post should be well-written and formatted in a way that makes it easy to read. Consider using header tags and bullet points to break up the content into sections. Ask a coworker or a friend to review the post before you publish. • Multimedia content - Relevant multimedia content can make a blog post more memorable and fun to read. It also helps to break up the text to make it more pleasing to the eye. Aim to add at least one relevant image per blog post. Slideshare presentations, video, and infographics are examples of other multimedia content you can feature. • Links - Include in-text links to relevant content, thus helping readers dig deeper into the resources they are most interested in. Your links can, naturally, point to your own internal pages and landing pages to help you generate more leads from your content. • Call-to-Action (CTA) - Each and every blog post you publish should include a relevant call-to-action in the article to help boost lead generation.
11Is it possible to generate leads with blogging?
Business blogging presents a fantastic platform for attracting organic traffic and engaging with your audience. However, the primary goal of your business blog should be to move your website visitors to the next stage in their buyer’s journey (e.g. making them a subscriber or a lead). To achieve this goal, add calls-to-action (CTAs) to your posts and have them link to landing pages that provide downloadable access to more in-depth learning materials, such as ebooks or webinars. Make sure to include CTAs both in the sidebar of your blog as well as on every individual post you publish. In addition to image/button CTAs, you can also include text CTAs within the body of your blog content. Of course, blogging isn’t the only way to generate leads using content.
12How does Google and Bing rank pages?
Google and Bing search engines promote authority pages to the top of its rankings. Authority web pages are using content that uses words and phrases used by people who search for your products and services. Search engines also measure key metrics such as bounce rate, interaction, conversation, site structure, positive back linking and social sharing for starters.
13Any general tips for social media success?
We recommend posting regularly and consistently. Let your passion, energy and personality shine through. Engaging in conversations is a very good idea. Answer industry questions in forums and on your pages. Encourage audience engagement. Provide valuable content freely, without getting trying to sell. Be creative and also check out your local, national and international competitors for ideas (remember don't copy or that will have a negative impact down the road).
14Is email marketing still effective?
Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a business to reach customers directly. Email marketing strategy is crucial so that you get positive results, whilst maintaining above average email and domain reputation. We can help you set up marketing campaigns to target your ideal audience to increase subscriber lists and leads, whilst adhering to compliance and laws. We can also provide tailored email lists and databases for your marketing requirements.
15Will my website be able to scale as my business grows?
Yes, we design your website so that more products, services, navigation options, and other features can be added as needed without a complete site redesign. Let us know what you have in mind and we can explore the options available.
16Do you offer ongoing maintenance once the site goes live
Axiom will handle troubleshooting, security, backups, caching, optimisations, support and maintenance of your website. We also offer you add-on services and a premium support package that entitles you to other ongoing features e.g advanced SEO, Blog and Content Writing, Analytical Reports, Software Integrations, Website and App monitoring and more.
17Do you set up Analytics tracking when designing a new site?
We will create you a Google Analytics account and integrate it into your website free of charge. We are Google Analytics Certified so we also can offer you advance configuration and reporting for a monthly subscription. Let us know what you have in mind and we will create a bespoke quotation based on your requirements.
18What kind of security features do you offer?
Great news for all websites hosted by Axiom Online receives a free SSL certificate for the duration you stay with us. We are serious about website security, therefore, we use the most advanced and optimised security products available. We provide cloud, server and application level security free of charge to all our customers as standard. We have analytics, monitoring and backups covered too. We can easily scale up for enterprise deployment.
19What is a CPC Campaign?
Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is an online marketing method that allows the advertiser to pay when the user clicks on your ad. CPC is an effective way to advertise your product or service on your website with a monitorable budget, with the ability to target specific audience groups. CPC campaigns can improve your business’s market awareness and increase the number of valid leads and customers, as your ad will appear on your targeted group’s SERPs, by offering you advertising space based on the budget of the campaign.
20How will we communicate?
Axiom Online is available by phone and email primarily and as a customer, you can call us at any time on our out of hours mobile for urgent enquiries. Or you can easily schedule a fixed meeting through our meeting booking system. We are also on most social media sites and can accept calls via Skype and Google Hangouts. Check out our contact page for more details.
21Can you show some competitive keywords that you have ranked the website for?
Indeed, we are proud to show off numerous competitive industry keywords that have ranked 1st position in Google and Bing. For example, we have ranked a particular business on over 60+ keywords in positions 1-3 in their city of business. Business is booming! Get in touch to find out more.
22Do I get a customised email account?
Yes! Basic email accounts are included in our monthly plans. We will set up and configure your email accounts for you. The email account will be customised to your specification. For example, [email protected] A professional email provides more credibility over free email service providers such as,, or We also provide discounted Google Gsuite Basic and Business Accounts. We can help integrate Microsoft Hosted Exchange as well as other solutions such as tracking, email marketing campaigns etc for our clients.
23How do we we work together?
You will have a dedicated account manager who will fully understand your business and will be available during business hours on the phone, email, chat or Skype. You will also be given an out of hours emergency contact number. You will form a close working relationship with your account manager, almost like an extension of your business team. You can email your account manager with instructions for website updates, together with any content you might have written. Your account manager will then action each update and report back. We can also arrange monthly or weekly update conference calls if you prefer.
24Do I have to host my website with Axiom Online?
Yes! The beauty of our website maintenance plans is that we can host your website in our custom server environment which takes care of all the typical niggles, e.g. daily backups, updates, server and cloud security, malware and virus scanning, SSL website encryption, caching and more.
25What does it mean to be Mobile Responsive?
Mobile responsive means that your site looks great — and more importantly is perfectly displayed — no matter what kind of device your visitor is on. This makes both people and Google very happy with your web presence.
26What is HTML5?
HTML5 is the current standard for structuring and presenting content, which makes your site compatible with future changes and ensures cross-browser compatibility. And it’s completely multimedia friendly and extensible, even to the point of making your site behave like an app.
27What's Conversion Optimisation?
Conversion optimisation means that your design works to get your most important actions completed. And when someone views your site on a smartphone, the order of elements remains focused on your most important business objectives.
28What does managed Wordpress hosting mean?
As a managed WordPress host, Axiom Online is going to take care of a bunch of the technical nitty-gritty stuff, so you can get back to doing what you love and growing your business. Here are the main tenets of what makes up a true managed WordPress host like Axiom Online: Managed caching and performance: We handle caching for you at the server level, using super fast servers to begin with, and even work individually with our customers to further optimise their sites for the best performance. No plugins needed! Managed security: We proactively scan and block malware and hacking attempts. We do all of this at the server level, without the need for any plugins or configuration on the part of the customer. And in the unlikely event that your site is hacked, we’ll fix it for you, free of charge. Managed software updates: We’ll work with you to make sure your site is always running the latest and greatest WordPress software. Expert WordPress support: Our team of WordPress experts goes above and beyond what nearly any other managed hosting company will help out with. From “hey, I need help, I have a serious problem!“, to “can you recommend a plugin for XYZ,” we’re here to help. We ONLY host WordPress sites. We specialise in WordPress and it’s all we do, day in and day out. Our servers are tuned for WordPress, our support team is staffed with WordPress experts, and our resources are all WordPress-oriented. Free migrations, free SSL, free demo sites, free malware cleanup. Dedicated resources. You aren’t sharing your server space with anyone else, leading to better performance and security. 99.99% uptime. It really, truly can’t get much better than that! Support. Our team is available 24/7 for emergencies and 24 hours a day, five days a week for everything else. Those are the core pieces of what it means to be a truly managed WordPress hosting provider. If you have any questions, let us know!
29Will Axiom Online help me migrate my website?
Absolutely! We know how painful it can be to move a WordPress site from one server to another, and that’s why we help our customers migrate their sites – FOR FREE. We can typically get this completed for you to look at within 24 – 48 hours. Simply fill out our secure migration request form with some details about your previous hosting account, and we’ll get your site transferred and set up as a demo site under your account. You can then review it to see how everything performs and make sure everything is in place.
30Is there a discount for yearly payment?
Absolutely! If you sign up for annual payments on Axiom Online's packages, you will receive one month of service for free.
31What are viruses and malware


A virus is a type of malware that spreads through normal programs. Once your device has a virus it may spread easily and quickly. A virus might just slow down your device - or it might be so severe you lose all your applications and documents!


Worms can spread from device to device, but unlike a virus, they don’t need to attach themselves to other programs. Worms can copy themselves hundreds of times, so they can very quickly harm your device and other devices. A worm might copy itself onto your email account and then send a copy to all of your email contacts!

Trojan horse

A trojan horse (or just a trojan) pretends it will be a useful and safe program when actually it will try to attack your device. Trojans are named after the story of the Trojan Horse. It is said that many years ago the Greek army wheeled a large wooden horse to the gates of the city of Troy. The people of Troy thought it was a gift and wheeled it inside. They didn't know that inside the horse were Greek soldiers waiting to attack. Can you see why a trojan horse on a device is named after this story?


Spyware is software that installs itself onto devices and then steals personal information about the user, like passwords, email addresses and other important information. It often does it just by keeping a record of everything the user types, which is called keylogging. Some spyware can even use your webcam without your knowledge.